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A scholarship fund has been established for our members, to help them pursue their post-secondary education. The majority of our students have specific goals in mind, and we would like to help them to attain these goals. There is a Points Scholarship Program, where every point that you earn while competing has a value of $1.00. To win an event at a rodeo, you get 10 points. There is also been an Interview Scholarship, where the kids who are graduating that year, write an essay about high school rodeo and then are interviewed. Competitors are judged on their essay as well as their interview. (This is also an opportunity for kids who are maybe not so fortunate in their winning, but have great attitudes and have been an asset to the association.)

There are also scholarship opportunities for teens that hold OHSRA executive office. In addition, NHSRA as well offers generous scholarship opportunities at the NHSRA finals - please refer to the NHSRA web page and or read your NHSRA Times Magazine for more information on these Scholarships. . Scholarships are then awarded when the student has been accepted at a post-secondary school education program. We also allow the students to postpone their post-secondary education if that is necessary by having them submit a Letter of Intent, so that we will hold their scholarship funds over for an additional year. We would welcome any interest from any organization or individual who would be interested in learning more about our scholarship program.

Some of the main goals of the Association are to promote the sport of rodeo, offer educational opportunities, maintain the highest regard for the livestock and provide an environment of sportsmanship and respect. We encourage participation in our clinics to ensure that knowledge and safety are a priority.

We are always looking for new members - contact us today!

2017 Scholarship Program

Every graduating student needs to be interviewed at Finals (or a time suitable to both if not available) and fill out the package submit it and the required documents to Joanne McEachern  joannemmceachern@gmail.com a minimum of one week BEFORE Provincial Finals.

If the student is not going to post secondary this year they must also fill out the letter of intent ( this saves the money for an additional year)

They have 2 years to claim the funds from OHSRA by providing receipts for paid school expenses i.e.. Tuition, books, rent etc. to the Provincial Secretary, Shelby McEachern

Any senior going to Nationals is eligible for a scholarship if they are a competitor at Nationals and must fill out the form in the Times magazine and bring a transcript with them to finals and attend an interview when they are there. Usually the minimum is $500.

Letter of Intent 2017
Scholarship Information
Scholarship Application 2017

Clarification on Collecting Earned Scholarship Points - Updated November 23, 2007

  1. In order to collect all earned scholarship points, student must remain a member in good standing from the time they join until they graduate. If the student takes a year off and does not pay their membership fee, they are not eligible to collect previous scholarship points. If they rejoin, they start as if they were a brand new member as far as points go.
  2. If a student joins as a junior member, they must remain in good standing with the association until they graduate from high school in order to be eligible for all points earned.
  3. Effective 2006-2007 Rodeo Season - Year End Bonus Points will not be given a dollar value.

Please read your Membership Requirements form available on the forms page.

The Ontario High School Rodeo Association

Ben “High Pitch” Samplonius

Memorial Award

 On March 5, 2014, OHSRA lost one of its beloved family members,

Ben “High Pitch” Samplonius.

Ben became a member of our Rodeo Family in April 2011 while shadowing another bullfighter. Ben continued on from there to become “our bullfighter”. He was an extremely talented and gifted young man.Loved by all who competed in the arena requiring his expertise during rough stock events and by those of other events as he leant a helping hand to assist wherever he could and also by the Board of Directors and parents for his constant encouragement to the competing members.

Ben had an incredible sense of humour that we all had the benefit of seeing at every event. He also had a unique way of making friends with whomever he met and maintaining those friendships. We all looked forward to our next rodeo so we could see Ben and enjoy his stories and humour.Ben enjoyed life, his friends, his animals and Rodeo. He exemplified humanity and kindness to all. He was also extremely gracious and could take the good with the bad. He never looked for recognition of his achievements and took advantage of learning from everyone and sharing that experience both in and outside the arena.

There is not a member of our Rodeo Family who would not call Ben a true friend. In remembering him, we will always remember his HUGE smiles, infectious laugh and loving nature.

The Ben “High Pitch” Memorial Award Criteria are:

  1. A member who is always supportive and smiling regardless of their placing in their event. Someone who tries hard but may not always come out of the arena #1.
  2. A member who has shown a marked improvement during the Rodeo Season.
  3. A member who is always kind to any animals.
  4. A member who is willing to help out others regardless of themselves.
  5. A member who is regarded by his or her rodeo peers as a friend to all.

$120 Donated by the Pilkington Family.

The National High School Rodeo Foundation was created in 1970. It was awarded tax-exempt status five years later and began administering scholarship loans to NHSRA members. In 1982, the Foundation discontinued its loan program and began the current process of awarding scholarship grants which do not have to be repaid.

The Foundation is the "scholarship arm" of the NHSRA, awarding thousands of dollars in educational funding each year to NHSRA members.

Please note that the above contact information is for Foundation business only. General NHSRA membership inquiries and requests should be directly forwarded to the NHSRA office