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OHSRA Scholarship Program

A Scholarship Program has been established for our members, to help them pursue their post-secondary education.  Each point earned during the regular season has a value of $1.00.  Funds are eligible to be claimed for one year after the member graduates secondary school and prepares for post secondary education.  In order to apply for the funds all members must complete the following steps!

Scholarship Application

The scholarship application is due for graduating members to info@ohsra.ca one week prior to the provincial finals (2023 OHSRA Provincial Finals date tbc).  

The application is currently being updated but will be available for 2022/23 graduating members shortly. 

Scholarship Interview

A scholarship interview will be conducted via Google Meet or in person at the Provincial Finals.  Two board members will interview the graduating member about their experience with OHSRA and future academic plans. 

Letter of Intent

We allow any graduating student to postpone their post-secondary education if necessary by submitting a Letter of Intent.  The Letter of Intent will extend the one year claim period to two years if a member is differing their acceptance to post secondary education. 

The letter of intent template is currently being updated but will be available for 2022/2023 graduating members shortly. 

Scholarship Fund Request

Once the member has graduated and wished to apply for their scholarship funds, the Request for Scholarship Funds must be completed.  Accompanying the application must be proof of enrolment (a copy of your timetable or letter, must contain name of institution) and receipts indicating proof of payment for fees. 

Accepted Reimbursable Fees

- Tuition/Residence/Meal Plan

- Supplies for Trade School (e.g tools)

- Books 

Additional Ontario Scholarships Available to Graduating Members

John Bridge Memorial- $1,000.00

Additional National High School Rodeo Scholarships Available to Graduating Members

Head over to the NHSRA website to learn more about available scholarships for our graduating members!


Clarification on Collecting Earned Scholarship Points - Updated November 23, 2007

  1. In order to collect all earned scholarship points, student must remain a member in good standing from the time they join until they graduate. If the student takes a year off and does not pay their membership fee, they are not eligible to collect previous scholarship points. If they rejoin, they start as if they were a brand new member as far as points go.
  2. If a student joins as a junior member, they must remain in good standing with the association until they graduate from high school in order to be eligible for all points earned.
  3. Effective 2006-2007 Rodeo Season - Year End Bonus Points will not be given a dollar value.

Please read your Membership Requirements form available on the forms page.