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Ontario Little Buckaroos (OLB)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Ontario Little Buckaroos?
A: The Ontario Little Buckaroos program is a division of the Ontario High School Rodeo Association (OHSRA) which allows for school aged children from Kindergarten to Grade 4 to participate in youth rodeo events (youth in grade 5 and up are eligible to join the Ontario Junior High School Rodeo Association as of the 2021/2022 school year).

Q: Why did the Ontario Little Buckaroos program get created?
A: The Ontario Little Buckaroos program was created to fill the gap between young school-aged children wanting to learn and hone their skills in rodeo and being able to actually participate in an organization. The objective is to create a fun and safe way for them to play, learn and grow until they are able to join into the NHSRA Junior High Division (grades 5 – 8) and then the NHSRA High School Division (grades 9 – 12). The main goal is to promote the future of the sport of rodeo; the opportunity for members to participate and learn about rodeo, and to encourage great horsemanship, sportsmanship and fun!

Q: What are the current events offered?
A: The events currently offered include dummy roping, dummy goat tying, barrel racing, pole bending and calf riding. All events are open to either gender and events may vary with stock availability and set-up (calves and proper bucking chutes).

Q: How is each event judged/scored?
A: Barrel racing will be a timed event following regular NSHRA rules (electric eyes, clover-leaf pattern, etc.). Calf riding will also follow the NSHRA rules and will be judged event. Dummy goat tying will be a timed event from foot. Contestants will start from a line, run up to the dummy goat, throw and tie three legs. Time stops when their hands go up. Dummy roping will be done on foot from a line and will be scored based on a point system for clean catches, etc., based on a pre set number of tries. More details to be provided.

Q: Will there be a point system?
A: We will keep the results from each event. Points will be assigned similar to the OHSRA format where first place receives 10 points, second place receives 9 points, and so on down to 1 point for 10th place if there is one. Points will be kept for any specialized year-end prizing if available.

Q: Will there be any additional events offered?
A: As we grow and the ability of our members grow, we will consider adding additional events.
Additional events may include:

• Mounted Dummy Goat Tying
• Goat Tying on Foot
• Mounted Goat Tying
• Bareback/Saddle Bronc
• Steer Riding

• Mounted Dummy Roping
• Breakaway Roping
• Pole Bending
• Team Roping

Q: Will the structure of ages and groups of events remain the same?
A: As we grow, we will consider adding additional events and the possibility of splitting age groups and genders. A possible age group split could be: Group 1 – Kindergarten to Grade 2 and Group 2 – Grade 3 to Grade 4. We will revisit structure as we grow!

Q: Will the Ontario Little Buckaroos have stand-alone events?
A: In order to keep costs to a minimum and encourage participation of new members, rodeos will be held in conjunction with OHSRA rodeos.

Q: What are the fees for participating at an Ontario Little Buckaroos Rodeo?
A: The goal is to keep costs low to encourage everyone to participate in rodeo, whether from a rodeo background or not. Running under the OHSRA banner helps dissipate any costs. There will be a $10 fee per contestant payable in cash at each rodeo they attend. This fee will be paid during check-in (beginning approximately 1-2 hours before the event) and it will go towards year-end prizing. Every little buckaroo will get a prize at the year-end finals, held in conjunction with the OHSRA Finals.

Q: What items are needed to participate?
A: All contestants must be in western attire: cowboy boots, jeans, long-sleeved button up shirt, cowboy hat or riding helmet. No hooded jackets or hoodies in the arena at any time. All supplies to compete will be on-hand at each event: roping dummies, extra ropes, piggin strings (goat tying), protective vests, extra hockey helmets, etc. For the mounted events, helmets are mandatory and must be properly fitted and in good condition. Rough stock events require at least a hockey helmet with a cage face mask and a mouth guard. It is encouraged to have your own equipment to practice with, but those trying out new events will have access to the equipment. Please let the secretary know if you need anything at entries.

Q: What if we have our own horse and can I assist my child on horseback?
A: All horses should be suited for the contestants riding ability. Parents may run beside their child if needed and leadlines will be allowed. All tack should be safe and checked by parents/guardians before mounting. All animal welfare policies as outlined by the NSHRA will also be in effect for Little Buckaroo Rodeos.

Q: How do I enter my child?
A: To participate at any event during the school year, the Membership Application and the Minor’s Release must be completed and sent to the secretary. These forms are good for the entire school year and only need to be filled out once. These should not be left to last minute as the Minor Release requires the authorization of a Notary Public for insurance reasons. To register for a specific event, please send a text message to the secretary with the contestant’s name and the events in which they would like to participate. The entry dates will be posted on the websites or social media and are usually the week leading up to the event.


Questions? Email ontariolittlebuckaroos@gmail.com!